There are many potentially malicious websites on the internet that are not suitable for browsing. This is why many workplace and school networks blocked websites. Blocking sites is very simple when you have access to a supportive router.

MI is one of the most popular brands that has recently dived into the industry of making networking solutions. MI routers are rich with features and make networking easier. The internet is a place of both calm and chaos. Just like the kind symbol of Yin and Yang, there is always good and bad to everything.

The MI routers support blocking websites directly through their management tools. In this guide, we are going to be having a look at how one can block websites for their network on their MI routers.

About MI Devices

MI popularly known as Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer for home and office products, including smartphones based in Beijing.

It is one of the fastest-growing technology companies that has taken the world by storm. They are known for their premium services at affordable pricing.

Why and what websites should you block?

That can we many reasons why you should block certain websites from your network. Office and school spaces are required to have a particular dignity and professional attitude to be maintained. Many sites are inappropriate for viewership in such places.

  • Malware and viruses

There are many websites online which can make your computer prone to viruses and malware. Such sites are usually frowned upon and have no place in a considerable networking environment. There are many website blockers available online, which can help you to ensure that no one gets access to such malicious content online.

  • Adult Websites

There is a lot of adult content available online, which is inappropriate for viewing in a professional or learning environment. Most schools and businesses aim at curbing the students and employees from viewing such websites. These include a plethora of domain names online. A lot of the adult website contains explicit content. Many other distracting adult websites include services like online gambling and betting.

Block sites on MI Routers | Easy Content Filtering

The Mi Wi-Fi app allows you to manage your router with the help of your smartphone easily.It is effortless to block websites using your MI router. Follow the given guide to ensure that no one can access all of the blocked websites in your list.

Block Sites On Mi Router
Block Sites On Mi Router

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  1. Alex

    The steps don’t apply to the new version of the app. No such future for Xiaomi routers, at lest at this moment. Switching to traditional brands router from now on.

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